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Wildcats BaseBall - Code of Conduct​

As an Individual and Team Member I will:


  1. Work Hard for my team and myself at all times. I will co-operate with my own team officials and team mates as well as those from outside clubs and obey any reasonable request from my team coaches, managers or club officials.

  2. Play by the rules of the competition and follow all recommendations of The Hills Junior Baseball League, Sydney Metro Baseball League or Wildcats Baseball, regarding safe play and use of equipment and strictly obey the rules regarding restricted and banned substances.

  3. Never argue with an umpire. Always accept the decisions of the umpires as fair and called to the best of their ability. If I do not believe this is the case, I will approach my team coach with my opinion for them to pass on to the umpires.

  4. Control my Temper! I recognise that swearing towards or about, or verbal abuse of any umpire, player or team/club official WILL NOT be tolerated. I will not abuse equipment (mine or anyone else’s). I will not throw bats, helmets or any other club or player equipment.

  5. Not deliberately cause any loss or damage to private property or cause a disturbance to others.

  6. Not invite anyone other than team personnel into restricted areas such as dugouts or changeroom/storerooms.

  7. Behave in a polite and appropriate manner towards others. I will applaud good plays from either team and treat others as I would like to be treated.

  8. Be frank and honest with my coach concerning illness, injury or my ability to take part in training sessions or games.

  9. Be responsible for my personal appearance, behaviour and personal hygiene and cleaning of my OWN equipment. I will be neat and tidy in appearance at games, training sessions or anytime I am publicly representing baseball and my club.

  10. Be prompt for meetings, training sessions and games to the best of my ability. If I cannot attend on time or at all I will contact my team manager or coach to advise them as soon as I can.



Should you not agree with any of these “Code of Conduct” conditions, unfortunately we will not be able to accept your registration.

Any breach or non-compliance with the Code of Conduct may result in a club imposed suspension and in extreme or repeated cases, expulsion from the club.

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